ProCurc 50 Extra Strength BDMC Curcumin Anti-inflammatory

Pro Curc 50 Extra Strength BDMC is your turmeric supplement with a unique curcumin extract specially designed to meet the current standard of anti-inflammatory therapeutics. This supplement also has one of the highest anti-oxidant values in the market today.

378mg x 60 capsules


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PRO CURC 50™ utilizes a patented curcumin extract called BDM50™ which is a new standard of anti-inflammatory therapeutics designed through unique technology to significantly increase curcumin III, or bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC), levels. BDM50™ not only affects inflammatory markers adversely but also provides improved stability and bioavailability for the other curcuminoids. This ultimately results in fast & effective – within hours instead of days – joint pain relief and amelioration of other causes of inflammation.

When compared to the inhibition of key inflammatory cytokines, BDM50™ reduced inflammation up to 14 times more effectively than curcuminoid-based drugs and NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen and ASA.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, BDM50™ has one of the highest antioxidant values – when measured using ORAC – at 117 times greater than astaxanthin and 208 times greater than Standard Curcumin. This high antioxidant value is what makes BDM50™ resistant to autoxidation compared to Standard Curcumin, which autoxidizes within minutes.


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