ProCurc 30 Anti Inflammation Capsules (Post workout)

ProCurc 30 Anti Inflammation Capsules are an excellent anti-inflammatory supplement that works best after an intense training. These capsules help decrease swelling with its curcumin present in turmeric. Get well without swelling with these anti-inflammatory capsules.


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Pro Curc 30 Anti-inflammation Capsules

Pro Curc 30 contains a patented curcumin extract that gives you the best anti-inflammatory effects. Pro Curc 30 developed BioBDMC30™ through a unique technology to increase curcumin III or bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC) levels and absorption. This is the most important active ingredient to give you the best relief from pain and inflammation.

The importance of potent absorption of curcumin in the body stems from questions like why we need to treat inflammation. It would be better for us to understand why there is inflammation in the first place.

Dietary Contributors to Inflammation

The dominant factor that contributes to inflammation is the food you eat. Here are the main dietary contributors to inflammation:

  • Inflammatory fats. These include trans fat, excess omega-6 fatty acids, and fats from grain-fed animals. These trigger inflammation and increase the level of bad cholesterol.
  • Added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Found in processed food and beverages, added sugar can negatively impact blood vessels and gut health. Artificial sweeteners can irritate the stomach lining and alter insulin and blood glucose levels.
  • Refined grains. Too much enriched flours and starches found in food contribute to higher levels of inflammatory markers.
  • Processed meats. Nitrates, sulfites, preservatives, and MSG are linked to inflammatory diseases. These are mostly used in preparing sausages, deli meats, and bacon.
  • Artificial flavors and colors. These contain excitotoxins, which can cause inflammation.

Artificial flavors and colors are present in some processed foods, beverages, seasonings, canned soups, and salad dressings.

Negative Effects of Inflammation to the Body

Inflammation may not be something to be concerned about but chronic inflammation can lead to many illnesses and diseases. It can also lead to something more serious such as developing cancer and heart disease. The problem with excess inflammation from over exercising, poor nutrition, and unhealthy habits is that it can negatively impact strength gains. Instead of gaining energy to your body, inflammation after a workout can lead to fatigue. Inflammation also suppresses wound healing. If you have an injury, you may notice that the recovery of damaged tissues happens only after inflammation subsides.

Manage Inflammation

The most basic rule of managing inflammation is to prevent having one. If you have inflammation, be conscious of what you eat. Eat more plants and plant-based food. Make sure that you get enough minerals and antioxidants in your diet. Studies suggest that shifting to a vegan diet significantly helps in managing inflammation.

The good news is that you can prevent developing inflammation with the help of Pro Curc 30. Each capsule of ProCurc 30 contains curcumin extract that relieves pain and inflammation. With its unique BioBDMC30™ that enhances curcumin levels, Pro Curc 30 is 30 times more powerful than other curcumin supplements in the market.

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